Upon seeing the NYT redesign…

Upon seeing the NYT redesign, the first thing any designer would do is resize the browser window to see responsive layouts, and subsequently scoff.

Jokes and Crisis

Jokes and Their Relation to Crisis, by Michael Marder

Clearing out my bookmarks, a rather long list of outdated links of CodeIgniter tutorials (sorry, PHP), expired Craigslist postings from my apartment hunt and old New York Times articles, including the above one concerning humor, which I just am getting around to reading now.

A nice, if dry, perspective on the cultural benefits of comedy. I always said that the best comedians are the ones that make us laugh while making us think. There was Jerry Seinfeld on the mundane routines of life, the late George Carlin and his political and religious critiques, and lately, Louis C.K. on life as a married (and subsequently divorced) aging father. We laugh at these people because deep down, we relate to these people, or we agree with them. Watch these people for a new perspective on life.

Hello, World.

We meet again. As some of you may be aware I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with WordPress, constantly switching platforms, but I think we’re on good ground now. I had a brief fling with Tumblr which I might keep as output of inspiration, but in the meantime let’s see what happens here. Enjoy!